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Take the temperature of your stocks with HeyScore

Keep track of your stocks with the HeyStocks portfolio tool and receive critical automatic updates for your stocks. You also receive a health score for your portfolio. We call it HeyScore. The model is remarkably precise at identifying stocks that are likely to outperform or underperform the market in the next 3-6 months. HeyScore uses artificial intelligence and provides an evaluation of your stock on a scale from 1-100.

Helge Larsen, ProInvestor.com
HeyStocks helps me on a daily basis by giving me an overview of the market and my various stock portfolios and lists for monitoring. The fact that I am daily presented for new purchase candidates at the same time, just makes the day better.
What do the pros say?

HeyStocks continuously update using the analysts’ latest price targets, recommendations for buying and selling, future expectations, financial posts, as well as key figures for most of the stocks we cover. Examples of financial posts include profit and loss statements, cash flow, P/E value, balance sheets, ratios, and much more.

Automatic trend channels and pattern recognition

Automatic pattern recognition is a unique tool that identifies price movements and depict them in an easy-to-understand graphic. Our algorithms seek daily, working across all markets, so you always get the full overview.
The system looks for potential breaks in support/resistance levels, known chart formations, and Fibonacci patterns, and gives you a simple overview of current trading and investment possibilities.

We automatically identify these stock patterns: Rising and falling channels, wedges, triangles and rectangles. Double tops and double bottoms, triple tops and triple bottoms, square tops and square bottoms, rectangle tops and rectangle bottoms, head and shoulders tops & bottoms, bull flags and bear flags and bull pennants and bear pennants.
Invest safely

HeyStocks is designed to make stock investing child’s play. Concepts like technical and fundamental analysis become understandable to you, so you can find attractive stocks easily and simply regardless of your experience in the field. You set up your personal criteria for the stocks, and our system collects a package of stocks that match your purchase and sales strategies.

If you are new to technical analysis, we have prepared various signals and stock screeners for you. Just click, and you’re in business.

Learn to invest safely

HeyStocks virtual portfolio feature helps you select stocks, perform trades, and analyze the results – without ever risking a red cent. You also have the option of creating several portfolios. For instance, this enables you to organize your portfolio according to the different strategies, you want to try, the countries from which the stocks originate, or perhaps keeping stocks in one portfolio and currency in another.

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